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Network Infectious Diseases & Harm Reduction (NI&HR)

Due to unsafe use and unsafe sex, drug users are at higher risk of getting infected with infectious diseases like hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV and STD’s. For example, people who inject drugs or have injected in their past, have one of the  highest estimated HCV prevalence rates in the Netherlands. The Network Infectious Diseases & Harm Reduction has the aim to improve prevention, screening and treatment of infectious diseases, by standardizing and applying knowledge to policy, research and practice.        

Our activities are based on the perspective of harm reduction: reducing harmful consequences associated with illegal drug use, whilst accepting the use itself. Examples of harm reduction measures are needle and syringe programmes (NSP), drug consumption rooms (DRC), opioid replacement therapy (ORT) and heroin assisted treatment (HAT).

The Network Infectious Diseases & Harm Reduction operates on a national level and includes representatives of all regional Dutch addiction care clinics, the Community Care Services of Amsterdam and Rotterdam (Gemeentelijke Gezondheidsdienst, GGD), Mainline and the Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency (Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen, DJI). 

The Network I&HR is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and coordinated by the Trimbos Institute (Netherlands Institute of Menthal Health and Addiction).

Would you like to know more about NI&HR? Please contact one of the coordinators: Ms. Agnes van der Poel (apoel@trimbos.nl) or Ms. Anouk de Gee (agee@trimbos.nl). 

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